The SAS Petra shoe is designed to fit and follow the shape of your foot. SAS Petra shoes are made on an exclusive SAS Elegant Moc™ last. Initial fit should be wide enough to stay comfortable across the ball of the foot and roomy enough in the front so the toes are not cramped.

  • Genuine Moccasin Construction: The SAS Petra features hand laced moccasin construction that wraps soft supple leather completely around your foot and allows great flexibility.

  • Full Length Removable Cushioned Footbed: Comforts your foot from heel to toe.

  • SAS Elegant Moc™ Last: This special last follows the natural shape of your foot, providing all-day comfort while allowing plenty of space for your toes.

  • Cushion Outsole: Superior Polyurethane material is durable, flexible, and provides long lasting cushion for all day comfort.